Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walk, Don't Run

My friend Michelle asked me if I would be interested in walking a 5k with her. Turns out I was interested. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we finally decided on a 5k that is scheduled for Oct. 18th. So yours truly will be walking the 5k part of Fulton Hill's Run to the River 10k/5k Walk.

I'm kind of freaking out about the hill part. I have found that when Richmond puts hill in the name, they're not playing around. I'm from flat, coastal land so I am not used to the verticalness that is all around me.

Let the training begin... starting right after Labor Day.

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Analou and Bones said...

It's tough if you're interested in something but there's a conflict in your other schedule. It happened to many times but there are some other ways, right? Well, good luck to you in your 5k walk this coming Oct. Keep me posted how it goes.