Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Snuggie!

See that zebra print blanket? It's no regular blanket but a BLANKET WITH SLEEVES!! Being warm and toasty under a blanket is even better when your hands are free for knitting. Loves it!

30 Rock

16 more days until Liz, Jack, Kenneth, Tracy and the whole crazy (emphasis on crazy) gang return to my life. I can hardly wait. Life has been so empty without them. I've read all that Wikiquote has to offer, I've watched old episodes on Hulu.


16 days...

{photo source: here}

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Turned 27! (and not 28, as I previously thought)

I'm so glad that this got rescheduled because my birthday weekend in RVA was FABULOUS!!

Friday night I met Angie and Judy in Williamsburg for a birthday dinner at The Olive Garden. It was a great time (once they finally arrived) and great food!

Saturday morning I met up with EB and we headed over to the farmer's market in Forrest Hill Park. There was a nice variety of vendors selling jewelry, pottery, stained glass stuff, veggies, cookies, bread, hot dogs, turkey legs, coffee, clothing items and more! I bought a pretty pair of earrings (I'll post a picture eventually), EB bought some earrings too and a very cool necklace. I got a cup of coffee (it was Blanchard's and it was tasty, as always) and some ginger snap cookies. The cookies were spicy and chewy and so delish! The Cracked Egg Bakery is responsible for me eating cookies for breakfast. I left the Southside and headed to Michelle's over in the East End. I hung out there for a bit, headed to the West End, visited a friend at work, stopped at Wawa for lunch, a little time at the fabric store, headed home, took a shower, napped for a little bit, got ready for bowling! and then headed over to Sunset Lanes to "sco oh ore..." Sandy, Michelle, Caitlin and I had pitchers of beers, rings of onion, cupcakes from the 'krop and one hell of a good time. I had the lowest scores of the evening (I had a knack for making it into the gutter). It was hysterically funny how bad I was. My "friends" rocked it though. Strikes and the like abounded. Apparently no one got the memo that the Birthday Girl is supposed to win.

Sunday was me meeting Sandy and Catherine at Baker's Crust in Short Pump Mall for a late lunch/early dinner. The Crust was out of the dessert Sandy and I wanted so we headed over to Cheesecake Factory and OMG! they had Red Velvet Cheesecake and it was worth every penny I paid for it and every calorie I have to burn off. After a little hide-and-seek with Sandy's keys (who knew there was a customer service center there? I didn't), we sat on a bench to enjoy our cheesecakes and do a little people watching. Good times. Came home to a sink full of dishes (dishwasher is currently out-of-service) and stuff that needed to be done, I guess birthday time is over now.

{For those of you that are wondering where my parents were in all of this (you know, the people that are the reason I *have* a birthday), I assure you that I celebrated with them, too. I was in Hampton last weekend and we celebrated then. They took me to dinner at Bonefish and then we had cookie cake back at the house. Good times (and good cookie cake), too.}

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunchtime Blogging

NOTE: This post is a little more random than usual. Enjoy!

Today is a lunching at my desk kind of day. For lunch I am eating a toasted pb&j, Ruffles and catching up with my Google Reader. I only have 1,000+ unread items to go. Should be a breeze. Or not. I've read all the important and time sensitive stuff (i.e. Perez and Twilight Lexicon) so the rest may just sit there for a bit longer.

Summer is official peace out and it's very sad. There are a couple things about Fall that I'm looking forward to. 1) Scarves. I have a lot of scarves. Like seriously a lot. I probably have more scarves than shoes. 2) ... Ok so maybe there's just the one thing I'm looking forward to.

This morning my bosses had a little breakfast get together to celebrate my birthday. It was actually a joint birthday celebration as my cubemate's birthday is a few days after mine. We had bagels from my favorite Richmond bagel place (Cupertino's), fruit and juice (well everyone else had juice, I had a cuppa). It was lovely and very nice of them.

After work I feel like I have a bunch of running around to do before my weekly get together with the Cakes. I have to go to the fabric store and because I'm such a nerd two different libraries. Then it's off to Westover Hills for knitting and coffee (or a cuppa, if you're me).

The scarf I've been knitting since the beginning of time is almost done. There have been a few dropped stitches along the way, but I just keep on keeping on. It's my first scarf, I'm not going for perfect. When I finally finish it, I'll be sure to post a picture.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the only sandwich you ever need to know how to make...

(Ignore the peanut butter in this picture, the bestest kind is Peter Pan's Creamy Whipped peanut butter. It's heaven in a little plastic jar.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doxie Love

How could you *not* want one? I cannot handle the cuteness! So. freaking. cute.

Also, I want this and one of these.

{photo sources: here and here}

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Well, it all started at Grace and Belvidere..."

I am usually, generally, mostly a pretty laid-back, go along with whatever is going on kind of person. I can usually find the bright side and focus on it. Not today. Today is all kinds of bad and funkiness (being funky and being in a funk are two completely different things).

It all started on the bus ride home yesterday. There was an overturned SUV blocking Grace at Belvidere. The bus had to detour over to Broad. Going up Broad during rush hour traffic and then wanting to turn left in front of that traffic is a nightmare. Granted I’m not driving but I had a lengthy list of things that had to be done that evening. Getting stuck in hellacious traffic was not on that list (neither was “take a nap” - that list had it out for me from the beginning).

I finally got home, changed, had a snack and got my stuff together so I could go run all my errands. While walking to my car, I realize that I was not dressed appropriately for the weather. I turned back around, changed, grabbed an umbrella and left again. Leaving: Take II was successful.

I headed over to The Yarn Lounge (which was a little overwhelming) and then the CVS and then it was off to Short Pump (which I usually avoid like you avoid someone with H1N1) and then the Tuckahoe library and then Joann Fabrics (which was mildly disappointing) and then Kroger (thank you baby James for trail mix and bottle water being sold by the registers) and then to a Twitter gathering (that, p.s., I was an hour late to and only stayed for a few minutes because I was in no condition to be around people and be social) and then home.

You’d think the home part would be the end of my evening, but no, it’s not. Once back in Apt. 101 I did laundry (when you live in a 7 story building it’s a good idea to remember which floor’s laundry room you’re using, playing hide-and-seek with your laundry is not fun), made and packed breakfast and lunch for today, packed for this weekend’s trip to Hampton, paid bills, balanced the checkbook, wrapped Angie’s birthday presents, made and ate dinner (at 11 freaking p.m., well somewhere there about, I don’t remember what time it was but it was way too late), took all the trash out, showered and finally collapsed in my sweet, loving, oh so comfy bed around 1:45 a.m.

Today is where the funk comes in. It’s all little things that out of context don’t seem so bad, but string them all together with 5 hours of sleep and you’ve got funkiness. This morning my hair felt weird and wouldn’t do a damned thing I suggested. It is currently being corralled by a headband. The outfit I threw on, with 2 minutes left to get out of the door to catch the bus, doesn’t fit me and I look sloppy and uncomfortable. These shoes are killing my feet. They are the most uncomfortable pair of ballet flats EVER MADE. I had to run a city block to catch that bus I was so worried about. Once on the bus I made the mistake of telling the lady with the baby “aw, what a cute baby!” She then proceeded to roll her eyes at me and shake her head. SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME!! What the what? I got off two stops too early to be able to go to Starbucks, unless I *wanted* to be late for work. When I decided "to hell with it, I’ll be late," I realized that my wallet is sitting on my desk at home. No money, no Starbucks. Co-worker/friend asked if we were still on for lunch. Blink, blink moment. I had completely forgotten (which is not like me) that we were going to Cap Ale for lunch. But I can’t BECAUSE MY WALLET IS ON MY DESK AT HOME.

Can I just crawl into bed and stay there until this cloud of funk takes its leave of me?

In better news, tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Go here and, by the powers!, you’ll be speakin’ pirate-like quicker than you can say yo-ho-ho! (Son of a biscuit eater is my favorite.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Little Bee

It's amazing how busy I have been, currently am and will be. It's a good busy, but busy is busy, people.

August was filled to the gills. Car drama... painting... a wedding... trips to the beach... weekends in Hampton.

September is shaping up to be a busy month, too. Concerts... birthdays... social events... knitting.

October is not going to offer much relief. 30 Rock... more concerts... Charleston... NYC... more birthdays... more knitting... more painting.

November, I look forward to seeing you so we can spend a nice, (hopefully) leisurely thirty days together. When we go around the table at Thanksgiving and say what we're thankful for this year , I know what I'll be thankful for: family, friends and a little down time.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Summertime, My Dear Sweet Friend

Summertime, I feel like we barely got to spend any time together this year. I look forward to your return next May/June. I've made a list of a handful of things I'll miss about you:
  1. I’ll miss the cicadas singing;
  2. picking which side of the street to walk on based on the amount of shade offered;
  3. the sidewalks themselves being slight sticky because of the heat;
  4. the wave of hot air that hits me when I open my car door;
  5. planning my outfits so that I'm wearing the lightest fabric possible;
  6. the feel of my legs being out and not wrapped in suffocating pants;
  7. the smell of freshly mowed lawns;
  8. having to eat my ice cream cone really fast because it’s melting more and more with each passing second;
  9. rolling the windows down and driving faster to make my own wind because wow is it hot!;
  10. not being able to leave things in the car because they might melt;
  11. the sun being up early and going down late
  12. sunglasses are the only accessory needed.
Hurry back!

Fun with Fabrics

See that lovely painting over my loveseat? I got it at Kirkland's and I love it. It's bright and cheery and lovely and exactly what I was looking for. When I originally hung it there (ok so *I* didn't hang it, someone that is much better at doing that sort of thing hung it for me) the idea was to just let it hang there unencumbered and uncluttered. Here's the problem with that scenario - none of my other walls are empty and now that wall looks like it got left out. I hung the rest (I actually hung the rest, thankyouverymuch) of my art gallery style so the wall with one painting looked a little odd. I decided I wanted to hang stuff on the wall with it but what would I hang next to it? I did not want to distract from its loveliness and I did not want hang just any 'ol thing next to it. While perusing a design blog one day I came across a wall of nothing but embroidery hoops filed with pretty fabric. Brilliant! I had scraps of fabric left over from various projects. It was the perfect solution. Off to Ben Franklin I went to pick up eight embroidery hoops. Those things are cheap! I've only hung five so far. I need to make a trip to the fabric store and check out the scraps table for the remaining three hoops. The beauty of this wall art is that I can change the fabric out, I can add more hoops, I can remove hoops, I can play with the arrangement and, of course, those scraps of pretty fabric only enhance my lovely Kirkland's painting.

The hoops, pre-fabric

The hoops, hung

(That changing table on the left is a whole post just waiting to happen so hold tight.)

Now what to hang on the other side of the painting...

UPDATE: I went to the fabric store over the weekend and got some awesome fabrics! I'll be sure to share, once I get around to getting them out of the bag.

I'm 50% White (part ii)

The whiteness continues.

#28 not having a tv - That's right, folks, I do not have a tv. It's like the 1930s up in my place. Want to know the news? I suggest you turn on the radio.

#35 the daily show/colbert report - Back when I did have a tv, I loved watching these two shows. If Jon or Steve didn't talk about it then it wasn't worth knowing.

#36 breakfast places - So here's the funny thing: I love to sleep late. Or all day. But if there's a good place to meet for breakfast then I have no problem waking up early. Meeting for breakfast at some great place is one of my favorite things. Well so long as I can nap when I get home.

#37 renovations - I rent an apartment so I don't do a lot on the renovation front. I like seeing other people renovate stuff and dream of renovating something of my own one day.

#39 netflix - I'm all for anything I can order on-line, while wearing my pajamas, and is then delivered to my mailbox. This also cuts back on the whole going to the video store for a specific movie/tv series and upon arriving finding out they do not in fact have it. That's irritating. Ordering the movie/tv series on-line (pajamas!) and having it delivered is not. (Unless of course your mailman is a complete idiot and always puts your movies in your neighbor's mailbox and then your neighbor doesn't bring them to you until she's finished watching it. There's always a downside.)

#40 apple products - "Plain and simple, white people don’t just like Apple, they love and need Apple to operate." Truer words, people, truer words.

#41 indie music - Don't you love listening to something that you know only a few select people are listening to? Don't you just feel like telling everyone "na-na-na-na-na, my music choices are better than yours! I'm listening to a band/artist you haven't even *heard* of yet!"?

#42 sushi - First of all, not all sushi contains raw fish. It vexes me so when I hear "I don't like raw fish so I don't eat sushi." Grrr. Pieces of raw fish are called sashimi (and is actually very tasty, even if you're not a big fan of fish). It's a whole other thing. Second of all, sushi is yummy and delicious. But beware of how much you eat because that rice will fill you up quicker then you can imagine. Third of all, pickled ginger and wasabi? Yes, please.

Don't worry, there's more whiteness to come...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You call that a holiday?!

Secret Society of List Addicts had a post today called Holidays That Should be Invented. This of course made me think of the holidays I think should be invented.

Here's my list:

Mulligan Day - Everyone should get one day where you can have as many do-overs as needed.

No Filter Day - All year you repress saying 80% of what pops into your head (or if you're me, 95%). On No Filter Day have at it and repress zero percent! (Note: This day should probably be followed up by Mulligan Day.)

Eh Day - This is the day where answering a question with "eh" is completely acceptable. No one can tell you "that's not really an answer" because on this day it totally *is* an answer.

Be Nice to Me Day - Ever had one of those days where you feel slightly cracked and like at any moment you're just going to scream at the top of your lungs and then break down crying if anyone else says one. more. thing. to. you.? Yeah, this is your day to stop the madness.

Sundries Holiday - Go do whatever you want. Why should other people tell you what you're celebrating? Take the day off from work and celebrate... whatever you want!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Labor Day Weekend

My five-day Labor Day* weekend was FABULOUS! I had sooo much fun! Let me break it down for you, like a fraction.**


Getting to Jimmy: Woke up early (well early considering I didn't have to be at work), got dressed and all that. Quick trip to Ukrop’s for veggies. Made sandwiches and wraps, finished packing up my assigned items. On the way to meeting point, I stopped at The Sev to get ice. People at The Sev were insane and there was a big thing about food stamps. Finally got out of The Sev and met up with girlfriends (Catherine, Sandy and Michelle). Packed up back of Catherine's Escape (it was a little like playing Tetris). Headed up I-95 around 11:10 a.m. Pretty much smooth sailing up 95 until it wasn't. Got off at Dumfries Rd. and proceeded the rest of the way from there. Sandy was navigating, I was reading Glamour magazine. Stopped at a gas station to get more ice and Sandy got these really tasty watermelon licorice twists. Sandy also made friends with a questionable gentleman in the gas station parking lot.

Party in the parking lot: Arrived at concert venue and parked in VIP parking area (oh yeah!). Set up our borrowed tent and coolers and chairs and made beverages. Proceeded to tailgate like I've never tailgated before (because I've actually never tailgated before). Met a lot of very nice people in Tentville. I'm pretty sure I gave my e-mail address out to some people. They had a very neat cooler, as I recall. Walked across the freaking parking lot to meet up with @WxDan. Poor guy, he put up with a lot and he sooo didn't have to. Had a rainbow cookie and more beverages. Somehow tailgating came to an end and we ventured to the lawn...

The actual concert: AMAZING! That man puts on a good show! Old stuff, new stuff, stuff I'd never heard (because I only have the one album). There was dancing and fins and the yelling of "salt, salt, salt." I loved every freaking minute!

The aftermath: We hung out in the parking lot for a bit and waited for the traffic to clear up. Ate some very tasty wraps and had a Cherry Cola. After much discussion with Catherine's GPS thing, we finally made it to the hotel Sandy scouted out. It was a really nice room and I was so happy to lay down and go to sleep.

Friday: Up early (again!). Breakfast at the hotel. Off to IKEA. IKEA was so cool and I so have to go back. Birthday lunch for Catherine at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Catherine blew the candle out the *second* it was placed in front of her. Back to Richmond. Unloaded the car and napped.

Saturday: Went to the pool with Catherine and Sandy. The water was FREEZZZINNNG but the sun felt lovely. I, for some reason, felt the need to lay on a float in the ice water. The crazy thing is that Sandy actually swam in the ice water. She's like a polar bear or something.

Sunday: Up late (yay!). Met up with Sandy for late lunch/early dinner at Kitchen 64 (their sweet potato fries are out of this world). Scooted over to Micky D's for an ice cream cone. Off to Movieland to see "(500) Days of Summer" (odd little movie, I love Zooey but I really didn't like her character by the end of the movie). Then it was off to Sandy's place over on the other side of the world to borrow the first season of True Blood and drop off extra veggies from the concert wraps. Hung out for a bit, watched some random tv (disturbing stuff, like a 15 year old that weighed like 400 pounds. that's crazy!!). Back home. Watched a couple episodes of True Blood.

Monday: True Blood and napping. Seriously. Up late. Watched some True Blood. Napped. True Blood. Repeat.

*Also, what the hell is Labor Day all about? Apparently it's all about this. Still don't completely understand the point but I get the day off from doing labor and that's all that really matters.

**1,000,000,000 points for anybody that got that.

I'm Knitting Again! Maybe. Sort of.

A few years ago my friend Caitlin taught me how to knit. I did a little here and there but never even finished the scarf I originally started. A few months ago I was ready to get rid of all my knitting stuff. In telling this to Caitlin, she implored me to give it another chance. So I kept all my knitting supplies and wondered if I would ever try again. I had completely forgotten everything she had taught me and I am not good at following instructions in a book so I hit my friend Elizabeth up for a refresher. My other friend Sandy joined in the knitting fun. I don't think she had ever knitted before.

EB (as I sometimes call Elizabeth) showed Sandy and me how to cast on and knit. I guess it's going well. There's a small hole in mine. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen and EB just shakes her head when I mention it. It's towards what will be the end of the scarf. Some snazzy tassels will take care of that little problem.

I may pick up that original scarf I started. It's really great yarn. A very pretty green. We'll see how it goes. Seems easier to just buy a freaking scarf from Old Navy though.

UPDATE: As requested, here's a picture of my current (and past) work:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My extended weekend was FABULOUS and I'm going to tell you all about it (and Jimmy!), but first! let's look at some shoes...

{source: Shoelust}

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kitchen Tip

Want to know how I remove spaghetti from water without using a colander? Like this:

If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

By this time tomorrow I'll be wearing a lei, hanging out in a parking lot with great friends, eating food from Christopher's Cart, drinking drinks and waiting to see this man...

Good times are dead ahead.

{picture source, here}