Friday, May 8, 2009

Things I Know About Richmond, Va.

In no particular order, rhyme or reason, I give you a list of things I've noticed while living here. I'm sure I'll update it often.

- It’s pronounced Po-white.

- Powhite Parkway has to be the most expensive parkway in Virginia to drive on.

- The winter seems to last forever.

- Spring is an interesting mix of warm, sunshine days and cold, grey days.

- Do not put your sweaters and scarfs away when the first warm day comes around. It’s just a false alarm. There will be more coldness.

- Even when it's officially Summer, it's not very hot.

- People will give you directions based on what used to be there, not what currently is (an example “Go up til you get to where Thalimer’s used to be and then you want to turn left where that pub used to be…”) Not helpful if you’re new to the area.

- When Maymont is packed and you can’t find parking, go to Hollywood Cemetery or the Capital Lawn.

- PBR is the beer of choice. Of course everyone under the age of 30 calls it PBR. Everyone over the age of 30 calls it Pabst Blue Ribbon. Either way, Sticky Rice only charges a dollar for a PBR on rainy days.

- When the weather forecast calls for snow or bad weather of any kind, there will not be a loaf of bread or gallon of milk left in the grocery stores an hour after the announcement.

- If you go out to eat, you do not eat at a chain restaurant. They are evil. Eat local.

- Rt. 1 is Brook Rd.

- If you go past 288, you’ve gone too far, turn around.

- I-64 splits to the left, I-95 to the right. This is a key piece of information depending on which side of Parham or Staples Mill you need to be on.

- The West End has two parts: 1) the West End, and 2) the Far West End. The Far West End is really just Short Pump. Just past Short Pump is Innsbrook. Innsbrook is also referred to as the Far, Far West End. The distance between where The West End starts and the Far, Far West End ends is vast.

- Don’t ever, ever, ever try to go to Short Pump during peak hours if it is not absolutely necessary. Or on the weekends. It’s just not worth the stress. Or possible insurance claim.

- Don’t eat the seafood; the ocean is an hour away, at best. The fact that the James River runs through Richmond does not make this a seafood town.

- Richmond will turn you into a foodie. It will spoil you and make you think that all cities should have such a wide variety of independent restaurants.

- This town isn’t as Southern as it thinks it is.

- If you didn’t have allergies before moving here, you will.

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