Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm 50% White

Have you seen the website Stuff White People Like? It's hysterically funny!

I went down the list to see just how white I am. Turns out I'm 50% white. Out of the 128 things listed (as of the date of this post), 64 apply to me.

  • #5 farmers markets - I do love a good farmers' market. There's something about buying the thing from the guy (or girl) that grew the thing.

  • #6 organic food - I always thought all food was organic, until I was told it wasn't.

  • #8 Barack Obama - I voted for the man. I went to his inauguration. I genuinely like him.

  • #9 making your feel bad about not going outside - Doesn't everyone want to breath fresh air and enjoy the sunshine, or the rain if that's your thing?

  • #13 tea - I drink cups and cups and cups of tea on any given day.

  • #15 yoga - Yoga is pretty great. It can be relaxing or it can be intense.

  • #24 wine - A nice glass of wine can repair a broken day. A whole bottle will make you forget all about it.

  • #27 marathons - There's something about training for a marathon that makes you feel productive.

more to come...

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