Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Light Bulb Moment

Lately I've wanted to change stuff in my apartment. I want to get a new desk, I want to paint stuff, I want to do things with blank walls. Now I want to change my bedroom.

Last night I was eyeing my headboard thinking "Should I paint you? Cover you in fabric? Buy a new you? Something about you has to change" when it occurred to me that I've thought that about a lot of my furnishings lately. It's quite the unjust thought because I love my stuff. And while I would love to own a tulip table, I just do not have room for it in my tiny apartment. What gives?

I had a light bulb moment when it all became clear to me. I've been in my current apartment for one year and three months. I've never stayed put this long. Granted I'm only three months past the normal move time but three months is three months, people. Around this time I am usually unpacking at a new place and having fun figuring out what goes where. This is an interesting, and unforeseen, issue.

So what is the solution? Making little changes here and there, I guess. I'm going to paint those chairs yellow (and not black like I originally thought) the first chance I get. The desk area will stay the same because, honestly, I just don't want to spend money on a new desk or table when there's nothing really wrong with the current desk area. The headboard's days are numbered though. Either a coat of paint or a covering of fabric are coming its way soon.

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