Monday, June 29, 2009

Classes, Classes, Classes

The summer semester is a couple of classes past the halfway mark and I'm looking ahead to the fall semester. I have three classes that I'm trying to decide between and they are:

1. Ethics (PHI 220) - Provides a systematic study of representative ethical systems.

2. Personal Stress and Stress Management (HLT215) - Provides a basic understanding of stress and its physical, psychological, and social effects. Includes the relationships between stress and change, self-evaluation, sources of stress, and current coping skills for handling stress.

3. U.S. Government I (PLS211) - Teaches structure, operation, and process of national, state, and local governments. Includes in-depth study of the three branches of the government and of public policy.

In light of my recent high blood pressure, the HLT215 class seems like a good idea, but I've been wanting to take the PLS211 class since I heard about it. I'm kind of eh about the PHI220 class. I want to take it, I'm just not in a rush to get to it. It'll all come down to which class (or classes, I may lose my mind for a second and sign-up for two) has an open spot come registration time.

The victor(s) will be decided on July 13th (that's the day early bird registration begins).

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