Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who needs a stinkin' frame, anyhow?!

For all the framing I do, I also do a lot of non-framing.

When you open my front door this is the wall that greets you

Nice, right? I had some stuff hanging on it but it just didn't make sense. Whilst flipping and scrolling through design magazines and blogs, respectively, I kept seeing these walls of photos people are doing. They're just double-stick taping their 4x6 and 5x7 photos to the wall. And it looks good. Some do all black and white photos, some do all color, some went crazy and have both kind. It's so cool and just the kind of thing I would do, so I did it!

I went through my Picasa albums for pictures I thought would look good on the wall. I tried to pick a couple pictures from each event I had taken pictures of. I sent my selection of about 30 photos to Shutterfly for printing. They arrived in the mail a few days later and I got to laying them out. I went for a plain row and column form, figuring that simple was best.

Here are all my photos, laid out

When they looked balanced, I flipped 'em and taped 'em

Then I stuck 'em to the wall

I took a step back to make sure it all looked balanced (not all the the dark pictures were near each other, not all the outdoor pictures were near each other, etc.) The beauty of the tape is that you can just pluck the picture off the wall and swap it with another picture, easy peasy.

Here's the view, straight on

I didn't know how many I needed to cover the wall and not all my pictures are in Picasa yet so I have more I want to add to the Wall of Photos. But now it's just a matter of adding to.

And when I'm tired of the photos I have up, I can just take the tape off and stick them in a picture book for future viewings.

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