Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm 50% White (part ii)

The whiteness continues.

#28 not having a tv - That's right, folks, I do not have a tv. It's like the 1930s up in my place. Want to know the news? I suggest you turn on the radio.

#35 the daily show/colbert report - Back when I did have a tv, I loved watching these two shows. If Jon or Steve didn't talk about it then it wasn't worth knowing.

#36 breakfast places - So here's the funny thing: I love to sleep late. Or all day. But if there's a good place to meet for breakfast then I have no problem waking up early. Meeting for breakfast at some great place is one of my favorite things. Well so long as I can nap when I get home.

#37 renovations - I rent an apartment so I don't do a lot on the renovation front. I like seeing other people renovate stuff and dream of renovating something of my own one day.

#39 netflix - I'm all for anything I can order on-line, while wearing my pajamas, and is then delivered to my mailbox. This also cuts back on the whole going to the video store for a specific movie/tv series and upon arriving finding out they do not in fact have it. That's irritating. Ordering the movie/tv series on-line (pajamas!) and having it delivered is not. (Unless of course your mailman is a complete idiot and always puts your movies in your neighbor's mailbox and then your neighbor doesn't bring them to you until she's finished watching it. There's always a downside.)

#40 apple products - "Plain and simple, white people don’t just like Apple, they love and need Apple to operate." Truer words, people, truer words.

#41 indie music - Don't you love listening to something that you know only a few select people are listening to? Don't you just feel like telling everyone "na-na-na-na-na, my music choices are better than yours! I'm listening to a band/artist you haven't even *heard* of yet!"?

#42 sushi - First of all, not all sushi contains raw fish. It vexes me so when I hear "I don't like raw fish so I don't eat sushi." Grrr. Pieces of raw fish are called sashimi (and is actually very tasty, even if you're not a big fan of fish). It's a whole other thing. Second of all, sushi is yummy and delicious. But beware of how much you eat because that rice will fill you up quicker then you can imagine. Third of all, pickled ginger and wasabi? Yes, please.

Don't worry, there's more whiteness to come...

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