Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Knitting Again! Maybe. Sort of.

A few years ago my friend Caitlin taught me how to knit. I did a little here and there but never even finished the scarf I originally started. A few months ago I was ready to get rid of all my knitting stuff. In telling this to Caitlin, she implored me to give it another chance. So I kept all my knitting supplies and wondered if I would ever try again. I had completely forgotten everything she had taught me and I am not good at following instructions in a book so I hit my friend Elizabeth up for a refresher. My other friend Sandy joined in the knitting fun. I don't think she had ever knitted before.

EB (as I sometimes call Elizabeth) showed Sandy and me how to cast on and knit. I guess it's going well. There's a small hole in mine. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen and EB just shakes her head when I mention it. It's towards what will be the end of the scarf. Some snazzy tassels will take care of that little problem.

I may pick up that original scarf I started. It's really great yarn. A very pretty green. We'll see how it goes. Seems easier to just buy a freaking scarf from Old Navy though.

UPDATE: As requested, here's a picture of my current (and past) work:


Anonymous said...

Oh I love knitting! Haven't done it in a few years though and all I did was scarves for friends for x-mas and such. No way could I attempt a sweater. I may have to get that storage box out again! Please post a pic of your scarf!

Nicole said...

I posted a picture of the scarf I'm working on... for the past 3 years now.