Friday, September 11, 2009

Summertime, My Dear Sweet Friend

Summertime, I feel like we barely got to spend any time together this year. I look forward to your return next May/June. I've made a list of a handful of things I'll miss about you:
  1. I’ll miss the cicadas singing;
  2. picking which side of the street to walk on based on the amount of shade offered;
  3. the sidewalks themselves being slight sticky because of the heat;
  4. the wave of hot air that hits me when I open my car door;
  5. planning my outfits so that I'm wearing the lightest fabric possible;
  6. the feel of my legs being out and not wrapped in suffocating pants;
  7. the smell of freshly mowed lawns;
  8. having to eat my ice cream cone really fast because it’s melting more and more with each passing second;
  9. rolling the windows down and driving faster to make my own wind because wow is it hot!;
  10. not being able to leave things in the car because they might melt;
  11. the sun being up early and going down late
  12. sunglasses are the only accessory needed.
Hurry back!

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