Thursday, September 10, 2009

You call that a holiday?!

Secret Society of List Addicts had a post today called Holidays That Should be Invented. This of course made me think of the holidays I think should be invented.

Here's my list:

Mulligan Day - Everyone should get one day where you can have as many do-overs as needed.

No Filter Day - All year you repress saying 80% of what pops into your head (or if you're me, 95%). On No Filter Day have at it and repress zero percent! (Note: This day should probably be followed up by Mulligan Day.)

Eh Day - This is the day where answering a question with "eh" is completely acceptable. No one can tell you "that's not really an answer" because on this day it totally *is* an answer.

Be Nice to Me Day - Ever had one of those days where you feel slightly cracked and like at any moment you're just going to scream at the top of your lungs and then break down crying if anyone else says one. more. thing. to. you.? Yeah, this is your day to stop the madness.

Sundries Holiday - Go do whatever you want. Why should other people tell you what you're celebrating? Take the day off from work and celebrate... whatever you want!

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