Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun with Fabrics

See that lovely painting over my loveseat? I got it at Kirkland's and I love it. It's bright and cheery and lovely and exactly what I was looking for. When I originally hung it there (ok so *I* didn't hang it, someone that is much better at doing that sort of thing hung it for me) the idea was to just let it hang there unencumbered and uncluttered. Here's the problem with that scenario - none of my other walls are empty and now that wall looks like it got left out. I hung the rest (I actually hung the rest, thankyouverymuch) of my art gallery style so the wall with one painting looked a little odd. I decided I wanted to hang stuff on the wall with it but what would I hang next to it? I did not want to distract from its loveliness and I did not want hang just any 'ol thing next to it. While perusing a design blog one day I came across a wall of nothing but embroidery hoops filed with pretty fabric. Brilliant! I had scraps of fabric left over from various projects. It was the perfect solution. Off to Ben Franklin I went to pick up eight embroidery hoops. Those things are cheap! I've only hung five so far. I need to make a trip to the fabric store and check out the scraps table for the remaining three hoops. The beauty of this wall art is that I can change the fabric out, I can add more hoops, I can remove hoops, I can play with the arrangement and, of course, those scraps of pretty fabric only enhance my lovely Kirkland's painting.

The hoops, pre-fabric

The hoops, hung

(That changing table on the left is a whole post just waiting to happen so hold tight.)

Now what to hang on the other side of the painting...

UPDATE: I went to the fabric store over the weekend and got some awesome fabrics! I'll be sure to share, once I get around to getting them out of the bag.

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