Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My heart is seriously all a twitter

I follow Marc Broussard on Twitter, because it's Marc Broussard and I heart him and his music oh so much.

Turns out, Twitter can make dreams come true! (If your dream is tweeting with a musician, which mine is so... ta da!)

I tweeted a response to a question Marc tweeted and miracle of all miracles, he tweeted back!

O. to the M. to the G. !!!

I give you the play-by-play:

him: How do I get more followers?

me: a better avatar might be a step in the right direction...

him: How's this one [he changed his avatar BECAUSE I SAID SO!!]

me: *much* better! you're sure to have a ton of new followers now.

So of course I had to text my friends to tell them that I peed myself a little bit because Marc Broussard tweeted to me.

There really is no more talking to me tonight. Or me thinking about anything else really. I'm done.

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