Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sunshine will make you vomit

On my lunch break this past Tuesday, I walked to the library on Franklin St. I figured I'd check out a few books and then eat lunch at the park behind the library. I had my pb&j, some chips and a bottle of water in my purse and a few books in mind. I was ready.

I went into the library, checked out a few books, chatted with one of the librarians, walked around back where the park is located, sat down on a bench and proceeded to eat my lunch. A few chips and bites of my pb&j later a woman that had been sitting across the park from me did the follow: she put her book down, calmly stood up, walked over to the trash can, vomited, wiped her mouth, walked back to her bench, sat down, picked up her book and continued reading AS IF SHE HADN’T JUST RANDOMLY VOMITED IN PUBLIC!!

There are no words except - This city sure does keep it interesting…

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